So you want to get a Rank?

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So you want to get a Rank? Empty So you want to get a Rank?

Post by Lovelygina on Fri May 10, 2013 1:47 pm

To get a rank in the FC or CC, you have several things to take on.

1. Be respectful: Not just to the FC and CC, but to everyone.

2. Be loyal: Don't be going to other FCs or CCs.

3. Recruit: Try and get as many people to join!

4. Be happy: Easy!

You don't have to host anything to get ranks, but we will take in consideration if you host events. If you are interested, post your rs name, why you would like a rank, what you contributed, and what you will contribute further in the FC and CC.
Other members can vouch for you!


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