~~~Introducing Me "DI L"~~~

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~~~Introducing Me "DI L"~~~ Empty ~~~Introducing Me "DI L"~~~

Post by DI L on Tue May 21, 2013 9:24 pm

What'up Aquatic Friends Chat! My friend told me about this FC and I said why not I'll join... What a Face

A Little About Myself

My old names in order: Dilpreetj, Host Dil, and now DI L.

When I first joining my name was Dilpreetj[Cousins made my account for me] I continued this name for 3+ 1/2 years until I met Mr. Gambling. I started my gambling my journey in a F2P FC Called Dominate814. After 7 Months or so, we decided to move to P2P under the name Scored. All was well when Fagex took away gambling. So after being loss for a month I decided I'll start anew.

I know quite a few members in this FC, including ranks. I hope all goes well in here and am now officially joining the Friends Chat Aquatic. Cool



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~~~Introducing Me "DI L"~~~ Empty Re: ~~~Introducing Me "DI L"~~~

Post by *LetMeSkull* on Tue May 21, 2013 10:18 pm

I knew you! Razz
We were in separate chats, I was in Cora Dyce.
Welcome to Aquatic forums!

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