Hey Everyone!! =D

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Hey Everyone!! =D Empty Hey Everyone!! =D

Post by BlackbeardX on Fri May 31, 2013 2:17 am

I am BlackBeardX !!!
Fallen Spartan turned Pirate!! =P pirat

I'm doing my first year of UG in med, been playing RS for nearly 5 years now

Love football n cricket( kinda tells where i'm from lol =P)
Favorite teams in soccer- Manchester United(GGMU!!! =D) n Real Madrid n Dortmund(recent fav)

been in my school soccer team, batch soccer team,n trying to break into the university team

Love playing Black ops, Dynasty warriors, GTA (Best game ever by rockstar!!),n ofcourse FIFA apart from RS

I've been on the Aquatic FC for the past month , Had loads of fun and made lots of monies!!!! =P

Hope to get to know u guys better in the future!!! geek


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